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Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!!!

Ticket info for the San Antonio festival will be up in the future.  Stay tuned.

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Your donations are extremely helpful and we cannot do this without youIf you have made a donation we will be sure to let everybody at the event know of your generosity.  If you'd rather stay anonymous, we can do that too.  If you'd rather donate by check, you can send payment to the address listed below:

Texas Freethought Convention
P.O. Box 690682
San Antonio Tx, 78269

For questions or inquiries please contact:

Your regular donations, help us to provide a better experience every year, in the form of attracting the best talent, the best venues and experience for our guests.

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Please print out your receipt and bring it to the event.  We'll have your name on file, but "just in case". 

Thank you!
Need a ride to the show in San Antonio?  Have some loose change in your couch?  Megabus is offering rides into San Antonio from around Texas.  Some for as low as $3!!!   For reals?  Yeah, for reals!