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Why we're having a pep rally this year? 
(...and celebrating the coming "end of the world". )

This year is an important year in Texas. 

It's an election year and all the seats for the Texas State Board of Education are up for grabs, as well as all seats for the Texas Senate.  We can have an impact in our local elections. 

The past several years, many Texans have become concerned about the state of education and politics in Texas.  Now is a good time to take action and take part in the electoral process. 
The Freethought community in Texas has become more open, more "out" and more vocal in our concerns. 

  We realize that our elected representatives can only know what we want when we take our voices and concerns into the public.


We plan on having a lot of fun this event.  Folks from all over Texas and beyond will converge on the capitol to celebrate Reason, Science, Education, Friendship, Community, Skepticism, and our growing numbers.

After the event on the State Capitol grounds, we'll take the show inside for a few hours.  For those who'd like to still take part in this year's TFC but are still hesitant to be seen out in public, the indoor portion should provide the proper atmosphere.

After we're done with the indoor portion, we'll go back out at night and enjoy all that downtown Austin has to offer.  We'll be rubbing elbows with thousands of U.T. and Baylor football fans, as well as attendees of the Austin Film Festival.

So bring your walking shoes, a lawn chair, your friends, family and be ready to meet people from all over Texas and beyond.

"The End of The World!"

Our other theme this event ithe celebration of the coming end of the world.  Of course we don't believe the end of the world is nigh, so we're going to celebrate that we don't fall for that kind of sillyness or other End of Times myths. 

If you want to dress like a zombie...we won't stop you. 

Expect to have fun, a lot of fun!   

Here are some facts.  Courtesy of the Secular Coalition for Texas.

State Government Update - November Elections

   U.S. Senate
       Incumbent Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) is not running for re-          election.

       Political reports favor Ted Cruz (R) over Paul Sadler (D)

  U.S. House
       Texas gained 4 seats after the 2024 census
       All 36 Texas seats in the U.S. House are up for election
       23 of the 32 seats are held by the Republican Party

   State Senate
       All 31 seats are up for election

       Republican Party holds a 19-12 majority, expected to hold

   State House of Representatives
       All 150 seats are up for election

       Republican Party holds an 100-48 majority, expected to             hold